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Stinkin’ Groundhog!

2 Feb

Well, the little groundhog said “forget this! More winter!!!”

If this bums you out a bit too, no worries.  Bring spring in a little early.

Ditch the dark polish, and slick on the pastels.

No judgement here if you pick the grey!!!  My nails are medium grey, with white moons.  If you aren’t sure how to do the moon highlight mani, I did a tutorial here

Enjoy your little bit of spring!!




I Carry Your Heart…

27 Jan

The title is from one of my favorite poems, and it is perfect for today’s post!

Valentines day is coming up, and you might need to give your sweetie a bit of a hint in reference to a giftie for you.  Here are some lovely “heart”felt ideas.





Would you be likely to share any of these ideas with your loved ones?



I See Sea Glass

26 Jan

I have been feeling a little nostalgic today.  Like most mornings, I have hopped on Etsy, and found myself looking at sea glass jewelry that reminds me of home.

Sea Glass is the result of broken pieces of glass spending years and years being tumbled and smoothed out in the ocean waves.  Most real sea glass is either brown, clear, green or blue.  These are the colors that bottling companies use, and most other colors can be fabricated, or faked.  On the beaches of Maine, you are most likely to find dark green like Heineken bottle, brown like a Guinness bottle, or clear like an old Coke bottle.  Dark blue used to be more common a couple decades ago when glasses and bottles were sometimes made for medicine or decoration.


The rough and natural texture it really rather comforting, don’t you think?



Throwing My Lucky Stars in a Bag…

25 Jan

I am sticking to the Etsy train Ive hitched my wagon to this week.


I love bags, purses, sacks, satchels, clutches, etc, etc.  I especially love something that I haven’t seen someone else have.  Your style should reflect how you are uniquely you, and not a poster child for American Eagle, or Coach.  Be yourself, nobody likes a copy.



Sunshine Through Gray Skies

24 Jan

I have been loving on some Etsy this week!

I wouldn’t be surprised if every post this week was based on Etsy finds… Stay tuned.

Todays post revolves around my new obsession: Yellow and gray.  They are such a unique color combination, and I love how the yellow pops and makes the gray look feminine.


Let me know what you think!



Flying over to Etsy…

23 Jan

Having a feeling that I need to me more bird-like lately.

Carefree, and willing to take flight.

Here is some Etsy inspiration for you to feel as light as a feather…

Fly with your own wings!



She Opens Her Eyes to New Ideas…

20 Jan

I was walking through JC Penney the other day with my toddler, and by walking, I mean being dragged through JC Penney BY my toddler.  As we were walking past the make up counter, I heard a teenage girl asking one of the Make-up techs about eye liner.  “No matter what I do, my eyes keep looking smaller, what am I doing wrong?!?!?!”  The make-up tech, while looking concerned and understanding, told her to come this way, and I will show you some new products we just got in….

In high school, this annoyed me to the high heavens.  Girls would line their eyes in thick, black kohl liner, and wonder why their eyes looked non-existent.  My Mom told me that make-up should enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up, and make you look like someone else.  The model above has her eyes completely lined and defined, and she looks gorgeous.  HOWEVER, sans digital touch ups, and flattering lighting, Her gorgeous green eyes are shrinking against her extreme make up.

Avoid this “I want to be a movie star, but I am just going grocery shopping” look by lining your upper lid to your liking.  The trick is either skipping your bottom lash line all together, OR by going no further towards the inner corner, than the middle of your pupil.

Though Emma stones liner does reach her inner corner on both top and bottom, the drama remains on the outer corners, and the inner corners of her eyes are left with a very thin line.

When putting on your make-up, wanting to look like the women in the magazines, remember this:  These women are selling a product to you.  The exaggerated colors lines and definition are to encourage you to buy the product. Please please PLEASE, do not wear your eye make up this way!!!  It’s distracting our eyes away from your natural beauty.