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Good for your soul

22 Aug

Sometimes I find myself in need of a pick-me-up.  Whether it be because of a rainy day, or someone hurting my feelings, I just need something to lift my spirit.  Lately these are the things that lift me up a little bit, and make me feel the light that is in this world.  It doesn’t take much!


Heaven is for real– This book is a New York Times Best Seller, but the reason I wanted to read it is because of my Gram.  She called me up on the phone (which she never does) just to tell me about this book.  “oh Miss Kate, it was so wonderful to read about this little boy who saw heaven, just marvelous, you have to read it, just go to your Walmarts (yup, she puts an S at the end…I dont know why) I’ll send you a few dollars so you can get it next time you go to get me a thank you card, to thank me for being wonderful.”  I so I did just that.  This small book took no less than a few hours to read, and it was SO worth it!!!  The true story tells about Colton, a four-year old boy who went in for an emergency surgery, and survived.  A while after his experience, he started talking to his parents about God, Jesus, and his trip to heaven.  He told his parents about how he met Jesus, and OH how much he loves us.  It would be one thing if this little boy had been to church every sunday and heard about the details of Christ at Sunday school, but he hadn’t!!!!  He shared impossible details about his miscarried sister that he met, that no one had told him about.  What brought tears to my eyes was his insistence that every painted depiction fo christ was wrong.  “his beard isn’t right” “his nose doesn’t look right”  “that’s not what his sash looks like!” Until his parents showed him a picture they found on the internet.  A picture painted by a 7-year-old girl, who also claims to have seen Jesus.  THAT picture was perfect, he said.  This book will touch your soul.







I read the book first, but watching the film was JUST as great!!  The Help  is a story about a sassy women that wants to be a journalist, and seeks to write a story from the point of view of the women that care after white families.  These black women refuse to help, for fear that they will be caught. When things start to happen in the town, the decide, one by one, that they want to see things change.  This movie had me in tears from laughing.  It was such a moving story, from several different points of view.  It was a wonderful experience to see this movie in the theatre, full of women from different backgrounds.