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Wrap it up!

30 Aug

Dress up your bookcase with scrapbook paper…

Remember back in middle school when teachers would give you your school books, and ask you to go home and wrap it?  I remember!!!  I would take home my five or six school books and my mom would help me wrap them up with broke paper bags.  After they were done, the finished product would serve as a canvas for the rest of the year.  The canvas for my arts and crafts, and in-class boredom.  Well, now that we are out of school…Or not, as long as you have a bookcase full of random books, we can still cover our books.  Only now, it can be pretty!!! Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, even wall paper, whatever moves you.  Scroll out the title on the spine so you know what it is, and you have a matching set of books!!!

Pretty, pretty, PRETTY!!!!!




String Me Along…

24 Aug

Sometimes I just need a project.

 So I made a photo garland.

string- 59 cents

clothespins- 1.00 for 20

paint- 1.59

I painted the clothespins to match the comforter, and voila! A little photo art for the spare room.



Black and White Photos

17 Aug

[referring to a childlike drawing of a cow]
Katherine Watson: 25 years ago, someone thought this was brilliant.
Betty Warren: Who?
Katherine Watson: My mother. I painted it for her birthday. Next slide. This is my mom. Is it art?
Susan Delacorte: It’s a snapshot.
Katherine Watson: If I told you Ansel Adams had taken it, would that make a difference?
Betty Warren: Art isn’t art until someone says it is.
Katherine Watson: It’s art!
Betty Warren: The right people.
Betty Warren: And who are they?

Mona Lisa Smile

I thought this was a great conversation!!!  It made me believe that anything is art, as long as you think its art.

I am pretty sure that someone could take a picture of a band-aid, make it black and white, and I would say, “oooooh, ART!!!”  I feel that way about most black and white photos.  Black or white adds classiness to any space, and the beauty of no color is there is no matching necessary.

So take some pictures, make them black and white, and frame them.  It adds a little something personal to any space!



Set a Budget

11 Aug

I'm out of your price range...you don't need me!!!!

When I go shopping, I set a personal budget.  I don’t mean set one in my head, but I can easily override my better judgement with “shhhhush!!! I know what I’m doing!!!”  So I write it out, and stick to it.  It looks a little like this:

(yes, I write myself notes, and imagine myself…yelling at myself…in a very angry tone.)

KATELYN, you are NOT allowed to spend any more than….

$___ on ANY dress

$___ on any pair of jeans

$___ on costume jewelry

$___ on cosmetics

$___ on shoes

(I just picked these things because they are my problem areas. Bags I borrow from my sister, tops I find at Tj Maxx.  Other than that, a budget is desperately needed!!!!)

You ARE however, allowed to splurge on one thing

A good healthy hair cut.  There is no price limit on a hair cut that is good for your hair, and by someone who knows what is best for your face shape.  Pick ONE thing that you want to allow yourself to splurge on.

Write out your budget, keep it in your pocket, or tape it to your forehead, because you HAVE to stick to it like next weeks grocery list depends on it.

My reminder...and yes, I am wearing Husband's shirt.




4 Aug


You are out shopping with family or friends, and suddenly from the heavens (or the rack to the left of the front door), shouts this gorgeous top that you instantly fall in love with.  You scoop it up like its your new best friend.  Its perfect! You will look stunning in it! What colors, what materials!!! Wait…is THAT the price!?!?!?

We have all had this happen to us.  Its time to change-up our train of thought and stop justifying why we want things.

AXE these:

“Its cheap compared to….”

Ok, yes, its cheap compared to a similar shirt you saw at a boutique, but you aren’t at the boutique right now, you are HERE.  Those $900 shoes may be cheaper than a Mercedes, but that doesn’t make it a good deal. Plus, when you see something similar at Tj Maxx, that’s less than half the price, you will be so angry at yourself for making the family eat Ramen Noodles for a month to buy you those stupid shoes.

Oh you like my shoes? They were only $1995.00!!!

“It’s on sale! It used to be….”

Why is it on sale?  because it’s the only one left, or because it was a complete miss on the style battlefield? Would you want it if it was the full price?

“I saved $50.00 last week when I didn’t fill up the gas tank! I deserve a cashmere scarf!”

One thing shouldnt cancel out another.  Fill your tank, and save up for the splurge.  do the math in your head: How long will it take you to same up? Is that scarf worth waiting two weeks? A month?  If the thought of saving up for something bums you out, then the something isn’t worth it.

Replace those sentences with these!

“How many times will I wear it?”

Think about the price per wear (http://stylepennies.com/2011/08/02/cost-per-wear/)

“How long will it last?”

Consider the fabric, and washing instructions.  Do you follow washing instructions carefully?  Also consider what you already know about the fit and wear of other pieces from the same brand.

Is it going to stretch?

Is it going to shrink?

“Is it really worth ___ hours of my time?”

Find out how much you actually make per hour (consider taxes taken out.  You might get $7.00 per hour, but once taxes come out, its less than that).

“Can I find the same thing some place else for cheaper?”

Oh you like my shoes? They were only $67.50!

When You find something you are in love with, then wait to buy it.  Do some research online or at stores that you know carry a bargain. Chances are, you will find it cheaper.  If you don’t want to take the time to search around, or you forget what you are searching for, you didn’t need it that bad anyways!

Hope it Helps!



One Womens No Thanks…

31 Jul

Is another womens YES PLEASE!

Our closets are full. Our dressers are full. If you split it into a percentage, how much of your stuff gets won on a normal basis. Time to thin it out ladies, because I am thinking that most of you are saying “hmm…About 50% I love. The other stuff is just….there.”

Determine what you love, what you need, what you just wanted, and what you think someone else might love, and you no longer do. Pick at LEAST 10 items to consign.

Find a local consignment shop, and talk to the owner. find out what his/her terms are for consignment. Some places will give you cash on the spot for your items, others require you to bring in a few items, start an account, and come back at the end of the month to claim your percentage.

I have a local consignment shop that I use, that gives cash on the spot for the clothes I bring in. Her prices are usually $3.00 per pair of jeans, and $2.00 per top. It doesnt seem like much, but when I bring in 10 or so tops that I dont wear anymore, thats $20.00 towards a top I love and will wear often.

Usually consignment shops that require you to start an account, ask that you only bring in clothing that are certain brands, and are in VERY good condition. This is where I brought my prom dress (I dont care that it was five years old, it was my favorite!!) This can be very rewarding in the long run, since you get the fulfillment of 1. A happier closet, 2.selling your item to someone that will use it more often, and 3. having the benefits of a yard sale, without someone trampling your grass.

With your unwanted, but still valuable items out of the way, You can make way for something that you TRULY love. Remember, just because you dont love it anymore, doesnt mean someone else wont love it. It might be exactly what someone is looking for. So lets all help our fellow penny pinchers.

Show Off Your Pretties: Part Two

30 Jul

Again, why hide all of your pretties in a jewelry box?  Your necklaces are suffocating in hiding, and want a chance to breathe and show off.  Even if you aren’t wearing them, they
should get a chance in the spotlight.

My sister left this behind when she moved
home to Maine for the summer.  She had originally had it next to her bed, and had
pictures tacked to it.  I always thought it was such a cute little statement,
and I’ve always envied it.  Well….DIBS!!!!
We found it together at TJ Maxx for $18.99!!!  The cushion in the middle adds a soft little touch.  The necklaces dangle on sewing pins.  I love being able to see all of my options
without really having to fidget or rummage through anything.

I think most women have a display of some sort for
their earrings, so I just thought I would share my version
I found this display on Etsy.com for $25.99  It has great
craftsmanship and it can hold up to 50 pairs of earrings.
So there you have it.  Swap your jewelry box for something that acts as a diplay to you, but also
serves as a little bit of color in your bedroom.
What do you use to display your pretties?