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Stinkin’ Groundhog!

2 Feb

Well, the little groundhog said “forget this! More winter!!!”

If this bums you out a bit too, no worries.  Bring spring in a little early.

Ditch the dark polish, and slick on the pastels.

No judgement here if you pick the grey!!!  My nails are medium grey, with white moons.  If you aren’t sure how to do the moon highlight mani, I did a tutorial here

Enjoy your little bit of spring!!




When the sun goes down…

17 Oct

Mama is going to paint her nails.

I’ve seen it all over the internet, and even on the red carpet.  ombre nails.  Your thumb starts at a dark shade, while your pinky ends at a lighter version of that color.  I have always thought it was really pretty, but never had five different colors that would work for the project.  Three, however? That I have.



News Strip

1 Oct

The Newspaper Nails

You will need

A newspaper

a light nail color and clear coat

some type of alcohol (Rubbing alcohol is fine)

nail polish remover for boo-boos

a bowl

Dip the newspaper strips into the alcohol for a few seconds, and press them to your dry nail.  The lettering will transfer within a few moments.



Silver Lining

19 Sep

Silver Lining Nails

You’ll Need




Cresent Moon Nail Art

9 Sep

I get bored with my nails being one color, and even MORE bored when people suggest I do a french tip.

So I did this instead

You’ll need

Paint the first color (I used silver)

When it dries, use the re-enforcement stickers as a guide ,and just paint on the second color

Cover with a clear coat and Voila!