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She Opens Her Eyes to New Ideas…

20 Jan

I was walking through JC Penney the other day with my toddler, and by walking, I mean being dragged through JC Penney BY my toddler.  As we were walking past the make up counter, I heard a teenage girl asking one of the Make-up techs about eye liner.  “No matter what I do, my eyes keep looking smaller, what am I doing wrong?!?!?!”  The make-up tech, while looking concerned and understanding, told her to come this way, and I will show you some new products we just got in….

In high school, this annoyed me to the high heavens.  Girls would line their eyes in thick, black kohl liner, and wonder why their eyes looked non-existent.  My Mom told me that make-up should enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up, and make you look like someone else.  The model above has her eyes completely lined and defined, and she looks gorgeous.  HOWEVER, sans digital touch ups, and flattering lighting, Her gorgeous green eyes are shrinking against her extreme make up.

Avoid this “I want to be a movie star, but I am just going grocery shopping” look by lining your upper lid to your liking.  The trick is either skipping your bottom lash line all together, OR by going no further towards the inner corner, than the middle of your pupil.

Though Emma stones liner does reach her inner corner on both top and bottom, the drama remains on the outer corners, and the inner corners of her eyes are left with a very thin line.

When putting on your make-up, wanting to look like the women in the magazines, remember this:  These women are selling a product to you.  The exaggerated colors lines and definition are to encourage you to buy the product. Please please PLEASE, do not wear your eye make up this way!!!  It’s distracting our eyes away from your natural beauty.




Matchy Matchy

13 Jan

I dye my hair all the time.  As of recently I look a bit like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  While preparing for the much awaited fade, I have had to adjust my make up to match the new color.  Rather than keep my old make up routine, I have added more highlighter, and a little bit more color to my cheeks to compensate for the exaggerated hue.

After a little research, I’ve found some common rules to follow to avoid sallow, pale, and dark circle effects.


Daring: Purple, Dark Brown, Hot Pink, and Forest Green.

Subtle: Light Petal Pink, Lavender, Copper and Light Brown.


Daring: Dark Brown, Copper, Silver, Dark Grey,and Cobalt Blue

Subtle: Sky Blue, Lavender, Tan, Petal Pink, Grey

Red Heads

Daring: Dark Green, Gold, Copper, Brown

Subtle: Light Green, Tan, Pink, Lavender

Experiment with different colors and see what brings out your natural glow!



Liquid liner 1 2 3…

12 Jan


Liquid liner is intimidating.  I’ve heard over and over that women wont try it because it’s too severe, and its impossible to get off if you make a mistake.

Not always true!

I have found that Revlon Colorstay liquid liner is the best to start out with.  The tip is felt, and easy to use.  Though its called colorstay, I wont lie: it comes off with a q-tip and spit.  What I like about this though, is that it comes off when you wANT it to, and not when you don’t.  I make about 6 mistakes every morning, whether it be because my son bumped into me, or I decided to do a cat eye on the left, and forgot on the right.

For less than six bucks, give it a shot.

*As far as black goes, I like it.  My mom always hated when I would wear black liner because eyes aren’t black, so it doesn’t make sense.  They make purple eye liner specifically for brown eyes, people.  Eye liner (or shadow for the matter) doesn’t have to match your eye color.  It should enhance it.*



I am in love…

8 Sep

…With pink lipstain.

I hardly ever have time in the morning to take my time doing my face.  It normally includes eye liner, mascara, cheek stain, and lip stain.  When I am literally strapped for time, I pick one: Lip stain.

This fall, bold lips are in, and I have to say I’m lovin’ it!

Try Color Sensational lipstain by Maybelline.  It doesn’t dry, and the colors are gorgeous.

Make-up brushes

6 Sep

I go on sephora.com frequently to look for good deals.  Make-up brushes NEVER fall under this category.  I’m sorry, but I refuse to spend more than six bucks on a brush that I only use for one thing. So I got an idea from this horribly uninspired quote from Burlesque: “Doing your make-up is like painting a picture.  Except instead of a canvas, you are painting your face.” Oh, really, Cher?  How fascinating.

And you know what, It is true.  I personally do not wear concealer, or powder, or foundation.  But I can’t hide my need for an angled eye liner brush, or a soft kabuki brush.  Replace your make-up brushes for….

Artist Brushes

Believe it or not, they are made of the same fibers as make-up brushes, and sometimes BETTER fibers.

Kabuki Brush

Angled Eye Liner Brush

Foundation Brush

Pointed eye liner brush

Concealer Brush

The Possibilities are really quite endless.



Cream Shadow

29 Aug

You know what my favorite thing is?  When my son gets a hold of one of my eye shadow palettes and shakes it all about.  The shadow breaks up, makes a mess in the case, and joy of joys!  My lovely eye shadow compact is now crumbly and destroyed.  Rather than throw it away, I made something new out of it!!!

Crush up the eye shadow until its powdery, and all the large pieces are gone.  Add a few drops of eye cream, and mix together, until the consistency is creamy and thick.

Put the mixture in a small jar, or cosmetics pot.  You can find these jars at any art store, in storage supplies.  Most people use them to hold glitter or scrapbook bits.




Double Duty

15 Aug

One of the greatest tricks for making more bang for your buck, is using something in more than one way.  You save money, AND you get a chance to be creative!!!  Here are a few ideas:

Clip on earrings= cute hair clips.  Some of my best hair clips started out as clip on earrings!


lipstick= creamy blush. Take your lipstick, and warm it up on the back of your hand.  Smooth it onto the apples of your cheeks. Voila!

chapstick= hairwax. Chapstick is made of nearly the same ingredients as hairwax. use it directly from the tube to control flyaways, or warm a small amount between your thumb and index finger to add texture to your bangs or waves.  BONUS you can keep it in your purse and take it with you everywhere!

What are some things that you use for double duty?