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DIY Headband Part II

14 Sep

In the mood for making headbands, I decided to make something in the same vein as yesterdays post!

You’ll Need


DIY Headband

13 Sep

DIY Headband

You will need

Happy Creating!!!!



The Beauty of a Braid

7 Sep


Whenever I am in a pickle as to what to do with my hair, this is what I turn to.  They are easy, hard to mess up, and there are so many different variations.

The Heidi Braids

Accent braid with colored string. Anti-feather fanatics, unite!

Side French Braid

Braided Headband (use your own hair!)

Braided Bun

Double French Braids

Side Twist

Side Braid with Ribbon, as shown in Braided Lady

Braid it up, ladies!!!!



Bird Lady

25 Aug

I decided to make a sweet little pin for my sister after making my leaf combs.   She said she wanted something sweet, and simple.  She words at a daycare center, so it couldn’t be too flashy.  I tried to think of something that would say, “hey whats up, I belong to Caroline, and there is NO doubt about it!” And this is what I came up with

 My girl is without a doubt a tiny bird. Her name even means “melody” and “bird”.  So I made this.

Just some bobby pins and a pendant from HobLob, and I have a sweet little present for my sister that will without a doubt look adorable in her red hair.

Has anyone else been creating lately?



DIY Hair Comb

18 Aug

I fell in love with the idea of wearing a hair comb a few days ago when I saw Emily Elizabeths version online.  It looks so pretty to have a little sparkle in your hair.  The only thing I didnt like about her hair comb was the price tag.

$50.00?!??! No thanks.


So I made my own.  I went to Hobby Lobby (surprise, surprise) and bought my own, plain, hair combs (1.99 for 4) a tube of E-6000 adhesive glue (5.00 for 2 0z.) and a strand of leafy charms (3.99 for 12)

I glue three of the four mini combs together to make one big comb about 2.5 inches long. While that was drying, I used wire cutters to snip the ends off of the leaf charms.


Once I had the leaves in place on the comb, I used clothes pins to hold them in place with the adhesive dried.


I had a few extra leaves, so I made a mini comb as well!  So this whole project cost me less than $15.00, and I got two combs out of it!!!

Happy creating!!!!






Braided Lady

16 Aug

Here is a quick tutorial of how to add something new to a simple side braid.

Start with your hair out of the way, in a loose ponytail. You will need a ribbon, or thin scarf.  I found this piece of chiffon fabric at Michael’s Craft Store. (2.5 feet, $3.50)

Place the middle of the ribbon about one inch above the hairline. Tie in a loose double knot at the base of your hairline in the back, leading the ends fall.

Set your ponytail free!!!!

Start braiding to the side, making sure that two out of the three sections has part of the ribbon tail.

Tie the end with a small clear elastic.  You can make the scarf show subtly (above) or you can make it show dramatically. Play with different ribbons and fabric, to see what works best for you and your hair.




Double Duty

15 Aug

One of the greatest tricks for making more bang for your buck, is using something in more than one way.  You save money, AND you get a chance to be creative!!!  Here are a few ideas:

Clip on earrings= cute hair clips.  Some of my best hair clips started out as clip on earrings!


lipstick= creamy blush. Take your lipstick, and warm it up on the back of your hand.  Smooth it onto the apples of your cheeks. Voila!

chapstick= hairwax. Chapstick is made of nearly the same ingredients as hairwax. use it directly from the tube to control flyaways, or warm a small amount between your thumb and index finger to add texture to your bangs or waves.  BONUS you can keep it in your purse and take it with you everywhere!

What are some things that you use for double duty?