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Stinkin’ Groundhog!

2 Feb

Well, the little groundhog said “forget this! More winter!!!”

If this bums you out a bit too, no worries.  Bring spring in a little early.

Ditch the dark polish, and slick on the pastels.

No judgement here if you pick the grey!!!  My nails are medium grey, with white moons.  If you aren’t sure how to do the moon highlight mani, I did a tutorial here

Enjoy your little bit of spring!!




Pearls of Wisdom

18 Jan








Sweater Skirt Tutorial

27 Oct

I see a theme here

I have a lot of oversized clothing

Mostly because I spent three years overseas, having to order clothing online, and living with it when it didn’t fit right.  Now that I am going through everything…and I mean EVERYTHING, I am finding it hard to part with things.  Trying to follow the rules I put forward in my post about thrifting, I am going through things that I know for sure has nothing left in it for me.

I found a cowl neck sweater that I bought a few years ago from Victorias Secret online.  I bought a size large, not knowing HOw large it would be.  The neck was as large as the rest of the sweater.

Cowl Neck= New sweater skirt!



My First Craft Fair!!!

25 Oct

I am so excited and nervous to be in my first craft show!!!

If you are in the area it will be at

St Barnabas Episcopal Church on Bemiss.

Saturday, November 5th

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! I am so nervous to see what the masses think of my work 🙂



Huge shirt re-do

24 Oct

This is my huge shirt.

Granted, I bought it online and had no idea how big it would be.



Tee Shirt Scarf

21 Oct

I found a tee-shirt that I never ever EVER wear… However I am still in love with the color.

So I made a scarf!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everything has a potential to be something new!!!!



Simple Bead Necklace

20 Oct

Remember my Braided Lady post?

Well I used that lovely piece of chiffon to make a necklace!

Luckily, the piece I used was already sewn into a tube sort of shape.  All I had to do was drop a marble in, and thread a wooden bead on either side.  I continued it almost the entire way around, and tied a knot.  Easy.

Happy Creating!