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A spoonful of decorations

16 Oct

This Wreath

Is made completely

Out of spoons

A little spray paint and glue goes a heck of a long way.

Give it a try.  If you hate it, it only cost a couple of dollars anyways!




Here Comes The Sun

13 Oct

Make your own sunshine

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It was easy as pie!!!



Glass Vase Turnover

11 Oct

Go to your local Dollar store, and find some treasures.



I have been framed!

9 Oct

I have a problem with throwing away supplies that have potential.  Fifty or so clothespins that need to get thrown out or used, will get used!!!

Everything has the potential to be something new and creative.



Autumn Breeze

7 Oct

New England Autumn

Georgia Autumn

I am not impressed.  For years I enjoyed the colors and crisp scents of autumn in southern Maine.  Now that we are down here, what I have is BROWN.  Not orange, or yellow, or bright red, but BROWN.  So I decided to cheer myself up and add my own spice to Autumn.  Literally.

I spray painted some gigantor pinecones copper, and then sprayed them with cinnamon spray by Yankee Candle.

We carved and kept our pumpkin inside, and put a pumpkin scented candle inside.

Jake and I baked pumpkin bread

Fort Merrill

1 Sep

Husband and I decided that we wanted to make a fort, half for us…half for or son.

If you can’t have fun in life, then where is the point in living.  So I guess we can put this in the “decorate” category.

You will need:




tunnel, ball pit, and tent (optional)

Happy Creating!!!



Wrap it up!

30 Aug

Dress up your bookcase with scrapbook paper…

Remember back in middle school when teachers would give you your school books, and ask you to go home and wrap it?  I remember!!!  I would take home my five or six school books and my mom would help me wrap them up with broke paper bags.  After they were done, the finished product would serve as a canvas for the rest of the year.  The canvas for my arts and crafts, and in-class boredom.  Well, now that we are out of school…Or not, as long as you have a bookcase full of random books, we can still cover our books.  Only now, it can be pretty!!! Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, even wall paper, whatever moves you.  Scroll out the title on the spine so you know what it is, and you have a matching set of books!!!

Pretty, pretty, PRETTY!!!!!