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Huge shirt re-do

24 Oct

This is my huge shirt.

Granted, I bought it online and had no idea how big it would be.




Tee Shirt Scarf

21 Oct

I found a tee-shirt that I never ever EVER wear… However I am still in love with the color.

So I made a scarf!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everything has a potential to be something new!!!!



Project Gone Wrong..Or Right?!

25 Sep

Well, this didn’t turn out exactly how I had planned… 

You see the idea was to dye one of Husbands white tee shirts.  It was the perfect length to be a shirt dress for me (he is 6 foot, I am 5 2′).  I was trying to dye it black with liquid Rit dye.  The directions said to stir constantly for an hour, less the dye stick to some spots, and not so much to others.  Looking at my sink filled with black inky liquid, and my soon to be awesome tee-shirt, I thought “Nope… I havent the time nor the patience to stir anything for an hour.”

This is what I ended up with.


To my horror, I was left with a Dark blue/gray splotched tee shirt, that had not only shrunk three sizes, but now looked like a hot mess.  If I learned anything from my Mom, it is to take a deep breath, and find a plan B.  It wasnt at all what I had in mind, BUT it wasnt awful.

So I am going to wear it anyways.  C’est  La vie!



Dress Shorts

23 Sep

I have always been in love with dressy shorts.  Since I am a stay at home mom/blog writer, I have no need to wear tailored or work-esque pieces.  I bought myself some dress shorts anyways!!!

The problem I had for a while was figuring out how to accessorize them.


Accessories Make the difference, yes?



Super Easy Tee Shirt Dress

12 Sep

Super Easy Tee-shirt Dress

You’ll Need:




Tank Top Pouch

2 Sep

Rather than throw out an old tank top that no longer fits/fits poorly I decided to make something new!

You will need:

A tank top with decent sized arm openings

A hair elastic.

From left: navy cami until silk tank, brown jersey tank with shoulder colorblock, chiffon layer tank, pink jersey tank.

Turn tank top inside out.

Tie the end with an elastic, and flip back right-side out

WARNING: DO NOT tell husband your new invention. Because you know what he will say?! “Oh great! Now you have like a million purses.!!!”




DIY Tee shirt dress

31 Aug

How cute is this idea!!??  I am definitely going to try it today.  I am thinking some off white lace at the bottom, or dip dyeing the whole thing.

Anyone want to jump on board and try this too?!

Xo Katelyn