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50 Things: Sunrise

3 Nov

When I was younger, sunrise was a symbol of anxiety.  I was always on the morning bus to school when the sun started to come up, and that meant that I was going to school.  Going to school meant a long boring day, and it all started with that sun rising.  ( I tried to find a picture of my sister and I maybe getting on the bus for the first time, but luckily my mom knew better.  Why take a picture of something that we didn’t see as a momentous occasion?  “Heres a picture of Katie before her first root canal!!! YAY!” Not.)

What does a sunrise symbolize for you?  Obviously its the start of a new day, but sometimes its the start of a new chapter.


The verdict is in, and we have an assignment.  We are going to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Husband is excited to go, I am excited to go, but I am not ready for the sun to set on this chapter of my life.  I have made some wonderful friends while in Georgia, and despite what my “about the author” says my take on the state is, I think I might actually miss it!!!

So now that the sun is setting on Georgia, and slowing starting to rise on our new life in Utah, I am starting to feel hopeful.  Hopeful that the sun sets on good days, and rises on better ones.  Wish us luck in our new adventure, because we are driving crossed country to get there!

I will still be writing as often as possible, but if I miss a day, it’s because we are busy with the hustle and bustle of moving.  Stay Tuned!!!




50 Things: Milestones

31 Oct

I thought about this one for a while, and in the most selfish of ways.  I thought about all of the milestones that I have hit.  Graduating High School, my four-year wedding anniversary (five years in just a few weeks!), the birth of our son.  The more I thought about every single milestone I have hit, I thought about the ones that are important to my loved ones.  My sons first sentence (“I want the fries!”), his first steps, first solid foods.

The longer I thought about it, the more I imagined our milestones being twinkly lights.  Each one that was conquered, would light up, and add itself to the bright little picture that has become our past triumphs.  Soon our little family portrait of successes seemed like a cityscape from a birds-eye-view, and I felt a swelling of pride in my heart.  How proud I am of my son, my husband, my brother, sister and parents.  Such great things we have accomplished, and such great things we have yet to do.

So far, what has been your biggest milestone?



50 Things: Contentment

26 Oct

I thought on this one long and hard for a while.  What is contentment?  Havent I been talking about being content with your life this whole series so far?!

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I got.  How am I going to motivate and inspire people if I have no idea what to write?!  I was in the car this morning and it came to me through a 60 second message on KLOVE on the radio.  They were talking about driving, and the importance of the steering wheel.  Can you imagine if you were on your way to the store, and the steering wheel just came apart in your hands?!  How terrifying it would be, to be stuck in the middle of the road, with cars zooming past, honking their horns, and getting angry at you for being in the way.  Suddenly you have zero control over the car, and how or when you are going to get somewhere.  I think I would be seriously frustrated.

Our life is a lot like this.  We don’t like losing control of anything, and when it happens, we are lost, without a plan B.  We spend so much time gripping the steering wheel with all of our hearts, that we don’t see, that with every passing day, we are causing the steering wheel to crumble.

So despite the traffic, and angry fellow drivers, pass the wheel to God.  Give up on control, and enjoy the ride without worry.

Maybe that is what contentment is all about.



50 Things: Imagination

19 Oct

***Warning, this is going to be a long post.  I have had a few complaints that my posts are rather short and sweet.  I tend to like it that way: short, to the point, makes you think.  I figured I would write a somewhat longer post to put a smile on someones face***


I talk about her a lot.  My sister, Caroline.  Maybe it’s a little annoying, but then again, that might be because she isn’t yours.  My red-headed sister is the best person I know.  She is wildly smart, gorgeous, freckley, and incredibly hilarious.  More than that, she’s always had a vivid imagination.

When I was seven, I went with my family to Disney World.  It was my second trip, and Carolines first.  She was only four years old, so everything was magical to her.  don’t get me wrong, it was fantastical to me too, but I knew that the 8 foot tall Mickey Mouse was really a 5’7 guy in a suit, sweating bullets.   Watching her marvel at the Magic Kingdom castle, the parade of people, and the rides with our favorite characters in it, was the best part of the trip.  She doesn’t remember, but I do:  I pointed at everything. “Caroline, look at that!” “Check that out!”  I didn’t want her to miss a thing!  My parents started to get a little annoyed that I was treating my sister as if she didn’t have eyes of her own, but I continued to tour guide.

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This year, after Husband came home from Afghanistan, we went again.  16 years after the first time we went together.  As we pulled up to the Magic Kingdom sign, I felt tears well up.  We were back!  Back to where magic is real, and your imagination can run a little bit, regardless of age.  We took the ferry crossed the lake, then went through the gates.  I quickly lost sight of the fact that Husband, Jacob, and Carolines boyfriend, Miles were with us too.  It didn’t matter!!  Caroline and I were home, to the place where everything is wonderful.  We took pictures with characters, and felt like they really were who they were supposed to be.  They werent John’s dressed up as Disney Prince’s.  It was more like,  “WHHHHOOOOOOOA…Its Aladdin!!!!!”

We held hands, and pointed at things, to make sure that not a single thing was wasted.  Everything was real.

To me, that is imagination.  Allowing your thoughts to go back to when you were a child, forgetting the smoke and mirrors, and just enjoying it.  It was by far one of the best vacations I’ve had, no tanning, drinking or partying necessary.  Just give us Mickey Mouse and a few princesses, and we are good.

Use your imagination, and find your “happy”.

She is my happy, because she shows me how to have an imagination.



50 Things: Independence

18 Oct

Two year old me:

“no, no, I do blocks.”

Four year old me:

“No Mommy, I can pour it by myself.”

Seven year old me:

“No way! I can learn to ride a bike on my own!”

Thirteen year old me:

“I don’t need boy advice, I can handle it myself!”

Sixteen year old me:

Come ON, I know what I’m doing.”

Nineteen year old me:

“I will be fine, I can be on my own now.”

Twenty-four year old me:

“Where is my mom when I need her?!?!!?!?!??”

We spend the better part of twenty years insisting that we can do things on our own.  We crave independence as children, not knowing what it really means.  When we are young, it means leave me alone!   Let me be!!  That has actually what I had always associated independence with: being by yourself.

In some cases, that’s exactly what we need.  A little breathing room from parents, and other influences.  But in all honestly, a lot of the time it just means being free to be yourself.  Independence doesn’t have to mean being alone, or secluded.  It doesn’t have to mean insisting that we don’t need help.  It can simply mean having the freedom to make choices that we are infinitely happy with!!


  1. You are free to be who you want to be
  2. You are free to think and feel how you want to.
  3. First and foremost, you have to answer to yourself in life.  Be happy with the decisions that you make.
  4. Asking for help is not admitting defeat.
  5. And 5, nobody can tell you who to be, how to me, or what to be.  It’s up to you.

That is independence.

50 Things: Quiet Time

15 Oct

I don’t get quiet time that often.  Between Jake needing something all the time, to Husband yelling “hey babe, have you seen my…”, my houses volume is almost always turned all the way up.

There are very few places I can go for some peace and quiet.  When Husband and I are in the car, he wants to listen to rap, I want to listen to inspirational.  Jake wants to listen to himself talk.  When we can’t come to an agreement, Husband came up with the best solution ever.  Why didn’t I think of it?! Turn.The.Radio.Off.  We sit in silence for a few minutes, all three of us.  Taking in the sounds of the car, the sun peaking through the trees onto the road, and each other.  Husband sniffles.  I clear my throat.  Even Jake starts to babble to himself at a lower decibel.  Its like suddenly we all realize how lucky we are to have each other, and we don’t even need to talk about it.  We just know it.

What is going on in your life right now that is really loud in your head.  tune it out for a bit.  turn down the volume on your worries and troubles.  Roll down the windows, and let your worries fly away with the autumn leaves.  Your peace and quiet is here, just turn down the volume so you can enjoy it.



50 Things: Gratitude

14 Oct

When we were younger, Christmas day was THE best day of the year for my sister and I.  We would get up at about 4 A.M. insisting that everyone else in the world should be up right along with us.  Around lunch time, our Grandparents would come over.  My gram is notorious for awkward gifts.  Growing boxers, Winnie the pooh ponchos, and bouncy balls filled with water.  When you are older, it’s easier to disguise your confusion with an, “oh my, Thank you so much, you are so sweet.”  When you are younger, the only thing you can think to do is one of two things.

"umm....I don't get it."

"WAAAAAAAAAAA YES! Wanted it. SO much. NEEEED it!!

As adults, we need to find a happy middle ground.  Even if someone does something or gives you something that you didn’t want or expect, just say Thank You.  your grandmother thought you needed another package of socks.  Your mother thought you needed your whites washed…even if she accidentally added a blue sock.  Your boyfriend got you flowers because he thought you were having a bad day.  He didn’t know you had uncontrollable allergies.  Gratitude.  Show it to everyone.

Some day you’ll really need to hear it back!