About The Author

This is me. I’m 24, married, and this is not my natural hair color.

This is my Husband, Alex.  Hes in the Air Force, he is a goober, and he is insane for putting up with me.

This is us together.  We have been stuck like this for the past 5 years.  We can’t help it.

This is our son, Jacob.  He likes mac n’ cheese, teasing our dogs, and picking his nose.

These are the Dogs. Roo (left) and Missy (right)  Both Shih Tzu’s, born in Okinawa, Japan.  they enjoy everything but being teased by Jacob.

This is my sister, Caroline.  Any type-O’s That you see are her fault.  Shes the one that edits my boo-boo’s.  Shes also my best friend in the entire world. Shes 20 years old, sharp as a tack, and thinks I am hilarious.

This is where we are from.  Kennebunk, Maine.  Its a very sweet, small town on the coast.  We love it and we miss it.

This is where we are now.  Valdosta, Georgia. It is a very sweet, small down.  It is NOT on the Coast. We do not love it, and we will not miss it.

So there is my life in a nutshell.


3 Responses to “About The Author”

  1. Mandie Welch (katies Japan Friend) August 9, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    Katie.. i LOVE YOU!!!!, you ARE hilarious! and I MISS YOU!

    • Tracie August 16, 2011 at 1:35 am #

      LOVE this useful information! ❤

  2. Lexie January 10, 2012 at 3:48 am #

    You are so funny. I love your blog. You rock, good job.
    Lexie Whitman from the LC site.

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