About Style Pennies

The mission of Style Pennies is simple : To let women know that living on a budget isnt a style death sentance.  Its rather a time to awaken your creativity!  I will show you ways to

  • Decorate your space: I live in an apartment that has rules for what we can and can not do.  There are so many ways to work around the “no painting” rule, as well as the holes in the wall rules.  I will show you what to do to add some personal touches to your home, without losing your secrutiy deposit, or your mind!  Not only that, but how to do these things on a small budget.
  • Add some “sparkley” to your closet:  My closet has reached the stages of bare, then depressing, then overstuffed, and now stylish and organized.  I will show you how to organize your closet in a way that makes sense to your lifestyle and personal needs.
  • Make your own stuff!!!  Alot of it is easy, and fool proof. Promise!

The second part of Style Pennies is making your life a little bit richer by

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Life Lessons


So I hope this blog serves to enrich your life a little bit, and help you organize and create your own personal style.  This website is very near and dear to my heart. I feel that its so important for us to let our beauty shine from the inside out.  Feel free to comment on posts with your ideas and thoughts.  Above all be respectful, and be yourself.

All posts are seperated into two categories: Style Pennies, and Godly Pennies.  These categories can be found on the right of the site. Click and find what you are looking for!!!




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