No take back-sees

31 Jan

This past Friday I was waiting in the waiting room at the clinic.  People watching from my seat, I noticed that a women was wearing pajamas.  My first thought was to think to myself How sick could you possibly be to wear pajamas in a public place.  Puts some pants on for crying out loud!!  

This has been my stance on PJ’s in public for a long time, but the way I thought about it this time was so very critical.  A few moments later a women and her mother sat down behind me and started to speak outwardly about the receptionist.  It seemed that they neglected to make an appointment, and the receptionist told them to wait while she tried to fit them in.  Their conversation reflected, rather loudly, that it was clearly the receptionists fault.

“I bet she’s new I havent seen her before”

“She must be new, she isn’t even doing her job!”

“How hard could it possibly be?!  What an idiot…”

As they threw their thoughts out into the universe, I glanced over at the receptionist.  She seemed so hurt and flustered, new or not, she could hear every word that I was hearing.  I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her.

What if my thoughts about the women in PJs had been spoken outwardly to a friend sitting next to me.  Would she have heard me?  Would she have had her feelings hurt horribly?  How could i possibly know what her reason for wearing PJs was?!

What if I put my rude comments out into the universe?  How would that have made anything better?

It wouldn’t.  Time to watch what we say out loud, but most of all what we think to ourselves about others.




One Response to “No take back-sees”

  1. jennifer February 21, 2012 at 12:10 am #

    I agree completely! I really wish people would show some restraint with how they speak. I constantly catch myself judging others, and the Holy Spirit convicts me about it, for which I’m grateful! I don’t want to be that bitter nasty person! Thanks for sharing!

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