Matchy Matchy

13 Jan

I dye my hair all the time.  As of recently I look a bit like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  While preparing for the much awaited fade, I have had to adjust my make up to match the new color.  Rather than keep my old make up routine, I have added more highlighter, and a little bit more color to my cheeks to compensate for the exaggerated hue.

After a little research, I’ve found some common rules to follow to avoid sallow, pale, and dark circle effects.


Daring: Purple, Dark Brown, Hot Pink, and Forest Green.

Subtle: Light Petal Pink, Lavender, Copper and Light Brown.


Daring: Dark Brown, Copper, Silver, Dark Grey,and Cobalt Blue

Subtle: Sky Blue, Lavender, Tan, Petal Pink, Grey

Red Heads

Daring: Dark Green, Gold, Copper, Brown

Subtle: Light Green, Tan, Pink, Lavender

Experiment with different colors and see what brings out your natural glow!




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