Liquid liner 1 2 3…

12 Jan


Liquid liner is intimidating.  I’ve heard over and over that women wont try it because it’s too severe, and its impossible to get off if you make a mistake.

Not always true!

I have found that Revlon Colorstay liquid liner is the best to start out with.  The tip is felt, and easy to use.  Though its called colorstay, I wont lie: it comes off with a q-tip and spit.  What I like about this though, is that it comes off when you wANT it to, and not when you don’t.  I make about 6 mistakes every morning, whether it be because my son bumped into me, or I decided to do a cat eye on the left, and forgot on the right.

For less than six bucks, give it a shot.

*As far as black goes, I like it.  My mom always hated when I would wear black liner because eyes aren’t black, so it doesn’t make sense.  They make purple eye liner specifically for brown eyes, people.  Eye liner (or shadow for the matter) doesn’t have to match your eye color.  It should enhance it.*



One Response to “Liquid liner 1 2 3…”

  1. Helen January 14, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Sweet! I purchased like 3 liquid liner and all didn’t work out for long. I might need to try Revlon.

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