50 Things: Sympathy

10 Jan

When you see a homeless on the side of the road, what is your first thought?

They will only use the money I give them for alcohol.

They aren’t really homeless! People pose as homeless to get money now!

They are dangerous, and if I give them money, they will only want more!

In some cases, this may be absolutely true.  But when did we become so cynical?

If a child trips and falls, and starts to cry, our first instinct is to sympathize.  As people get older, we assume that any pain or misfortune that may befall them, they can handle it.  This isn’t always true.

We all need someone, anyone, to lean on.  Not everyone has a support system!

For a short while, imagine that everyone you encounter, needs your support and sympathy.

If everyone did this, how would the world change?




One Response to “50 Things: Sympathy”

  1. jennifer January 10, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    Love it!!! This is a good one Katie!

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