50 Things: Trust

9 Jan


We have all been hurt.  When someone says, “Why don’t you trust me?!” memories and reasons flood to your mind.  Someone hurt you, and changed your mind about people as a whole.  You created a connection with someone, and cared about them enough to put your trust in them.  Sometimes people betray that, and sometimes we break it ourselves in order to avoid being hurt.  Here is the thing:

  • The reason that you don’t trust people is not the fault of another person.  Your ability to trust, stems from your ability to forgive.

“You can only truly forgive someone when you see them for who they are, and no longer see what they have done to wrong you.”

  • Start with trusting God.  God takes care of the birds, and animals, fish and plants.  Arent you equally as important as these things?!

Trust in God with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, for he will make your path straight.”

  • And finally, when you refuse to trust people… it gives you wrinkles.  I mean really, what good comes from being ugly with everyone!?

Trust God. Trust others. Forgive.



One Response to “50 Things: Trust”

  1. jennifer January 9, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    Oh how I have missed your posts! So true and thanks for the laughs at the end, LOL!

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