The Return of Style Pennies!

7 Jan

Hello faithful readers!!!!

Incase you were wondering, the answer is NO, there is no excuse for me to be MIA for nearly two months.  But let me tell you what I have been up to.

Mid November- SURPRISE!  I am pregnant.  We werent planning it, but the best blessings arent planned at all!

December 5th- The military came to our home, packed up all of our things and took them away.  Not in a “you don’t need these things anymore” sort of way.  In a, “hey, you are moving to Salt Lake City, and these things will meet you there!” sort of way.

December 9th- Husband, Son, Shih Tzu pups and I hopped in the car and started our journey to Salt Lake.  From Valdosta, GA, to Salt Lake City, UT, it’s over 2,000 miles of driving.  When you aren’t feeling so swell, and your tummy is constantly saying “there are new things going on in here…”, it doesn’t make for a happy trip.  Our first leg of the trip was just five hours to Pensacola to meet up with my Mom and Grampa. Mom took our sweet Shih Tzus back to Maine, as Jacob is allergic to them.  This was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do.

December 16th- We bite the bullet and take off from Pensacola in our Honda Civic, in the middle of December.  We run into the worst snow storm that New Mexico has seen in a while.  Roads close down completely.

December 24th- After two whole weeks of travel, we arrive at Hill Air Force Base.

December 27th- We move into a great home in on base housing.  I never thought I would say that was possible, but the housing here is beautiful.

January 4th-  Just as the military promised, or things met us here.  Being the pregnant machine of unpacking mayhem that I am, we were DONE unpacking by late afternoon.

January 6th- Today! We have internet!!!  I am back on track, and ready to post wonderful things for all of my wonderful readers.  however since it is friday, I will see you all on Monday:-)




One Response to “The Return of Style Pennies!”

  1. jennifer January 7, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    Yay! So happy you guys are getting settled! LOL, maybe bringing preggo while moving isn’t so bad! nesting will not let the boxes sit there for months, HAHA! Look forward to your blogs again 🙂

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