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No take back-sees

31 Jan

This past Friday I was waiting in the waiting room at the clinic.  People watching from my seat, I noticed that a women was wearing pajamas.  My first thought was to think to myself How sick could you possibly be to wear pajamas in a public place.  Puts some pants on for crying out loud!!  

This has been my stance on PJ’s in public for a long time, but the way I thought about it this time was so very critical.  A few moments later a women and her mother sat down behind me and started to speak outwardly about the receptionist.  It seemed that they neglected to make an appointment, and the receptionist told them to wait while she tried to fit them in.  Their conversation reflected, rather loudly, that it was clearly the receptionists fault.

“I bet she’s new I havent seen her before”

“She must be new, she isn’t even doing her job!”

“How hard could it possibly be?!  What an idiot…”

As they threw their thoughts out into the universe, I glanced over at the receptionist.  She seemed so hurt and flustered, new or not, she could hear every word that I was hearing.  I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her.

What if my thoughts about the women in PJs had been spoken outwardly to a friend sitting next to me.  Would she have heard me?  Would she have had her feelings hurt horribly?  How could i possibly know what her reason for wearing PJs was?!

What if I put my rude comments out into the universe?  How would that have made anything better?

It wouldn’t.  Time to watch what we say out loud, but most of all what we think to ourselves about others.




Walking In Her Shoes..

30 Jan

“Dont judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.”

Basically, dont pass judgement on someone until you have gone through what they have gone through.  Recently I have taken on a project that has forced me to see from my own point of view, as well as two others.  Without giving too much away, I’ll let you in on what I have learned so far.

I can be harsh!  When I was younger my greatest enemy was my own Mother. She made decisions that I didn’t agree with at all, and I blamed her relentlessly for the effect those choices had on me.  I have held onto that hate for a long time, no matter how much I try to convince myself that I have grown up into adulthood, and have let everything from the past fall to the waistline.  I have been spending a lot of time giving myself a lot of credit.

In reference to my post a few days ago, 50 Things:Trust, I can’t fully forgive her until I can look her in the eye and see her for who she is, and not who she used to be.  I havent been able to do that yet.  Talk about not practicing what you preach!  How can I possibly understand the reasoning behind her choices?  I have yet to find myself in similar situations, and who am I to say I wouldn’t do the exact same things that she did.

Who have you had a hard time understanding?  Is it possible to think for even a few moments, what your choices would be in their situation, and what the repercussions would be of the changes.  Walk for a few moments in that persons shoes, and try your hardest to understand why they are who they are, and why they do what they do.

People are naturally sinful, but not cruel.  We all make mistakes, but nobody means to make mistakes to wrong other people.  And we all hurt people sometimes, but it’s never our first intention to break someone elses spirit, is it?

Dear God, 

Help me to understand the people who I have yet to take the time to understand.  Help me to be less harsh, and live a life in your heart.



I Carry Your Heart…

27 Jan

The title is from one of my favorite poems, and it is perfect for today’s post!

Valentines day is coming up, and you might need to give your sweetie a bit of a hint in reference to a giftie for you.  Here are some lovely “heart”felt ideas.





Would you be likely to share any of these ideas with your loved ones?



I See Sea Glass

26 Jan

I have been feeling a little nostalgic today.  Like most mornings, I have hopped on Etsy, and found myself looking at sea glass jewelry that reminds me of home.

Sea Glass is the result of broken pieces of glass spending years and years being tumbled and smoothed out in the ocean waves.  Most real sea glass is either brown, clear, green or blue.  These are the colors that bottling companies use, and most other colors can be fabricated, or faked.  On the beaches of Maine, you are most likely to find dark green like Heineken bottle, brown like a Guinness bottle, or clear like an old Coke bottle.  Dark blue used to be more common a couple decades ago when glasses and bottles were sometimes made for medicine or decoration.


The rough and natural texture it really rather comforting, don’t you think?



Throwing My Lucky Stars in a Bag…

25 Jan

I am sticking to the Etsy train Ive hitched my wagon to this week.


I love bags, purses, sacks, satchels, clutches, etc, etc.  I especially love something that I haven’t seen someone else have.  Your style should reflect how you are uniquely you, and not a poster child for American Eagle, or Coach.  Be yourself, nobody likes a copy.



Sunshine Through Gray Skies

24 Jan

I have been loving on some Etsy this week!

I wouldn’t be surprised if every post this week was based on Etsy finds… Stay tuned.

Todays post revolves around my new obsession: Yellow and gray.  They are such a unique color combination, and I love how the yellow pops and makes the gray look feminine.


Let me know what you think!



Flying over to Etsy…

23 Jan

Having a feeling that I need to me more bird-like lately.

Carefree, and willing to take flight.

Here is some Etsy inspiration for you to feel as light as a feather…

Fly with your own wings!