50 Things: Romance

17 Nov

I’m sorry for the short intermission!!!

However, I have returned, and I am ready to write.

Continuing in the 50 Things That Really Matter series, number 33 is Romance.

If you are blessed with a significant other that gets your stomach filled with butterflies, then its relatively simple.  Romance can be anything that keeps your love alive.

Husband and I just had our five-year wedding anniversary, and we went to IHOP.  Not the most romantic place for a date, but it’s where we had our first. On our first date, we went as friends.  It was late at night, and we thought it was likely the only place that would be open.  It is where we started our journey as each others best friend.  He blew bubble in his chocolate milk, and I shot the paper wrapper off of my straw at him.  Love at first sight, yes?!

Romance doesn’t always have to be cookie-cutter-perfection.  I feel closest to Husband when we just talk over popcorn, or laugh over stupid fights.

And if you are single, romance can simply be love for self.  Having the courage to love yourself completely, and knowing everything about you is in Gods plan, now that, to me, is romantic.  It’s important to know your most precious qualities, and love them, so that others may love them too.




One Response to “50 Things: Romance”

  1. jennifer November 17, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Here here! 🙂

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