50 Things: The Smell of a New Baby

8 Nov

I’m not going to lie.

When I read this one, I made a joke in my head.  Anew baby smells like what?  Placenta and uterus?  Yuck.  But it’s not true!!

A new baby smells like the newest thing there is.  Not a new car, or new jacket.  Like birth.

When Jake was born, we had to wait until his umbilical cord came off before we could give him a real bath.  Until that day, he started to get a little funky.  He smelled like a combination of baby wipes, sour milk, and diaper…stuff.  When the cord came off, it was a time to rejoice!  We set up his tubby, got everything we needed, and stripped Jakey down to his cute little bare butt.  We cooed, and awww-ed at how little and squirmy he was, and panicked every time he seemed to want to wiggle out of he tub.  When he was out, and I was drying him off, I smelled his little head.  Johnson and Johnson.  I wanted to cry.  He didnt smell new anymore.  He smelled sweet and fresh, and wonderful, but he wasnt new and funky anymore.

I guess the point is this.  Nothing ever stays new, so we should embrace the new, and fabulous while its here.  Although, when the new is over, the sweet comes.  Both stages of Newborn Jake were wonderful.  But that new smell, the smell of my son who had yet to be touched by banana, starburst, or goldfish crackers, was the most delightful smell in the world.  It really really was.


One Response to “50 Things: The Smell of a New Baby”

  1. jennifer November 9, 2011 at 12:06 am #

    Awww 😦 it goes by too fast! I love that pic BTW!

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