50 Things: A Child’s Artwork

7 Nov

Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the color in things.  I see a lot of black and white, no gray area, certainly no color.  Then my kiddo comes along, and he wants to paint.  He isn’t at the age yet where he colors or paints things in particular, he just gobs paint on a piece of paper, and spreads it around.

It started to put things into perspective for me.  There doesn’t have to be a clear-cut answer, or a clear picture.  The world, and any problem, is full of color and options.  Nothing is hopeless.  Nothing is hopeless.

I don’t think my son has any idea that his globby paintings, or scribbly drawings have given me clarity, but that’s ok.  He knows exactly what he is coloring, and I havent got a clue.  We will meet in the middle at some point, I’m sure!




One Response to “50 Things: A Child’s Artwork”

  1. jennifer November 9, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    Good one! Love his artwork too LOL!

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