50 Things: Sunrise

3 Nov

When I was younger, sunrise was a symbol of anxiety.  I was always on the morning bus to school when the sun started to come up, and that meant that I was going to school.  Going to school meant a long boring day, and it all started with that sun rising.  ( I tried to find a picture of my sister and I maybe getting on the bus for the first time, but luckily my mom knew better.  Why take a picture of something that we didn’t see as a momentous occasion?  “Heres a picture of Katie before her first root canal!!! YAY!” Not.)

What does a sunrise symbolize for you?  Obviously its the start of a new day, but sometimes its the start of a new chapter.


The verdict is in, and we have an assignment.  We are going to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Husband is excited to go, I am excited to go, but I am not ready for the sun to set on this chapter of my life.  I have made some wonderful friends while in Georgia, and despite what my “about the author” says my take on the state is, I think I might actually miss it!!!

So now that the sun is setting on Georgia, and slowing starting to rise on our new life in Utah, I am starting to feel hopeful.  Hopeful that the sun sets on good days, and rises on better ones.  Wish us luck in our new adventure, because we are driving crossed country to get there!

I will still be writing as often as possible, but if I miss a day, it’s because we are busy with the hustle and bustle of moving.  Stay Tuned!!!




One Response to “50 Things: Sunrise”

  1. jennifer November 9, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    I love sunrises, it really makes me stop and marvel at God’s beautiful artwork!

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