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50 Things: The Holidays

28 Nov

Since being in the military lifestyle, we have come to the realization that we will never have a “normal”  holiday again.  It will not be us with our parents and siblings around the table talking about the year, or what we are thankful for.  The past few years, it has been more like us + friends and their kids + friends of friends and more friends of friends.  Chaos, food, stories, and meeting people for the first time.  We have spent Christmas in hotel rooms, and thanksgiving at friends houses, where everyone brings in their own traditions.

Normally change would freak me out.  I love tradition, and routine.  I spent 18 years having Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and all other holidays with my mom, dad, sister, and brother, grandparents, and that’s IT.

I think right along with Black Friday, cyber monday, and the day after Christmas, a lot of that doesn’t matter! as long as you are with people who you care about, and people who care about you, that’s a holiday!




50 Things: Romance

17 Nov

I’m sorry for the short intermission!!!

However, I have returned, and I am ready to write.

Continuing in the 50 Things That Really Matter series, number 33 is Romance.

If you are blessed with a significant other that gets your stomach filled with butterflies, then its relatively simple.  Romance can be anything that keeps your love alive.

Husband and I just had our five-year wedding anniversary, and we went to IHOP.  Not the most romantic place for a date, but it’s where we had our first. On our first date, we went as friends.  It was late at night, and we thought it was likely the only place that would be open.  It is where we started our journey as each others best friend.  He blew bubble in his chocolate milk, and I shot the paper wrapper off of my straw at him.  Love at first sight, yes?!

Romance doesn’t always have to be cookie-cutter-perfection.  I feel closest to Husband when we just talk over popcorn, or laugh over stupid fights.

And if you are single, romance can simply be love for self.  Having the courage to love yourself completely, and knowing everything about you is in Gods plan, now that, to me, is romantic.  It’s important to know your most precious qualities, and love them, so that others may love them too.



Happy Veterans Day!!!!

11 Nov

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Thank a Veteran today!!!



Raise your voice

10 Nov

I yelled at my son last night.

Some nights are easy.  I put him down, he watches his movie for a bit, then falls asleep, tah dah. Done.

Last night was not one of those nights.  He gets a sippy cup of water before bed, and he insisted on taking it with him.  I didn’t see the harm in it, until I went to check on him.  He was purposely dumping his cup out onto his bed.

"Go on and yell at me Mom, I dare you."

Yesterday, in particular, I changed his bed three times.  It was the last straw.  I forget what exactly I said to him, but the tone was harsh, the words were unkind, and his little lower lip quivered with shame and regret.  I felt so horrible, not because I had hurt his feelings, but because I yelled so hard and loud that I was sure God heard me.

I know that at any given moment, God knows what is on my heart, what I am thinking, and what I will do.  But this one time, I knew for sure, that if he was busy with something else, his attention was averted to Jakes bedroom, where a christian mother was throwing the ways of the bible out the window.

So when you are angry, or hurt, what do you want God to hear you say?  Most worship songs say “lift your voices” “worship” “cry unto the Lord.”  They don’t say “swear at your toddlers until they cry in earth shattering fear”.

This goes for yelling at boyfriends, pets, parents, husbands, and inanimate objects.  Unless you are praising, keep the volume down to a dull roar.




9 Nov

I was tricked!!!

One day at one of my bible studies, we were asked to write down our top five priorities.

Naturally, I put down Husband, my son, my sister.  I wrote staying in shape, and keeping my home like a home.

Then we were asked where God ranked.  More than half of the women, myself included were ashamed that God had not been written down on the list.  Not once, not anywhere.  For others, prayer was on the list, but it was not number one.  It should be.

I felt so dumb!  I felt tricked, although honestly… we were at a bible study.  God should have been in the front part of my mind anyways.  Even then, I was thinking about Husbands lunch getting packed correctly.  At the time I was still pregnant, so I was also thinking about having to go pee REALLY badly, and whether Jake would have my eyes.

I remembered this today while in the process of making more lists, and giggled at how naive I was.  “I can’t believe God wasnt at the top of my list!!!”  Then I lowered myself into my seat, and realized: He.Still.Isnt.

There is no excuse!  God needs to be a top priority.  He gave me the ability to have priorities at all.  He gave me all of these wonderful things that I worry about on a daily basis, and he deserves more of my time.

So here is my priority list:

1. God. Prayer. Worship. Praise.

2. Dont worry about anything else.  Remember number 1, and everything else will fall into place.



50 Things: The Smell of a New Baby

8 Nov

I’m not going to lie.

When I read this one, I made a joke in my head.  Anew baby smells like what?  Placenta and uterus?  Yuck.  But it’s not true!!

A new baby smells like the newest thing there is.  Not a new car, or new jacket.  Like birth.

When Jake was born, we had to wait until his umbilical cord came off before we could give him a real bath.  Until that day, he started to get a little funky.  He smelled like a combination of baby wipes, sour milk, and diaper…stuff.  When the cord came off, it was a time to rejoice!  We set up his tubby, got everything we needed, and stripped Jakey down to his cute little bare butt.  We cooed, and awww-ed at how little and squirmy he was, and panicked every time he seemed to want to wiggle out of he tub.  When he was out, and I was drying him off, I smelled his little head.  Johnson and Johnson.  I wanted to cry.  He didnt smell new anymore.  He smelled sweet and fresh, and wonderful, but he wasnt new and funky anymore.

I guess the point is this.  Nothing ever stays new, so we should embrace the new, and fabulous while its here.  Although, when the new is over, the sweet comes.  Both stages of Newborn Jake were wonderful.  But that new smell, the smell of my son who had yet to be touched by banana, starburst, or goldfish crackers, was the most delightful smell in the world.  It really really was.

50 Things: A Child’s Artwork

7 Nov

Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the color in things.  I see a lot of black and white, no gray area, certainly no color.  Then my kiddo comes along, and he wants to paint.  He isn’t at the age yet where he colors or paints things in particular, he just gobs paint on a piece of paper, and spreads it around.

It started to put things into perspective for me.  There doesn’t have to be a clear-cut answer, or a clear picture.  The world, and any problem, is full of color and options.  Nothing is hopeless.  Nothing is hopeless.

I don’t think my son has any idea that his globby paintings, or scribbly drawings have given me clarity, but that’s ok.  He knows exactly what he is coloring, and I havent got a clue.  We will meet in the middle at some point, I’m sure!