50 Things: Contentment

26 Oct

I thought on this one long and hard for a while.  What is contentment?  Havent I been talking about being content with your life this whole series so far?!

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I got.  How am I going to motivate and inspire people if I have no idea what to write?!  I was in the car this morning and it came to me through a 60 second message on KLOVE on the radio.  They were talking about driving, and the importance of the steering wheel.  Can you imagine if you were on your way to the store, and the steering wheel just came apart in your hands?!  How terrifying it would be, to be stuck in the middle of the road, with cars zooming past, honking their horns, and getting angry at you for being in the way.  Suddenly you have zero control over the car, and how or when you are going to get somewhere.  I think I would be seriously frustrated.

Our life is a lot like this.  We don’t like losing control of anything, and when it happens, we are lost, without a plan B.  We spend so much time gripping the steering wheel with all of our hearts, that we don’t see, that with every passing day, we are causing the steering wheel to crumble.

So despite the traffic, and angry fellow drivers, pass the wheel to God.  Give up on control, and enjoy the ride without worry.

Maybe that is what contentment is all about.




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