50 Things: Imagination

19 Oct

***Warning, this is going to be a long post.  I have had a few complaints that my posts are rather short and sweet.  I tend to like it that way: short, to the point, makes you think.  I figured I would write a somewhat longer post to put a smile on someones face***


I talk about her a lot.  My sister, Caroline.  Maybe it’s a little annoying, but then again, that might be because she isn’t yours.  My red-headed sister is the best person I know.  She is wildly smart, gorgeous, freckley, and incredibly hilarious.  More than that, she’s always had a vivid imagination.

When I was seven, I went with my family to Disney World.  It was my second trip, and Carolines first.  She was only four years old, so everything was magical to her.  don’t get me wrong, it was fantastical to me too, but I knew that the 8 foot tall Mickey Mouse was really a 5’7 guy in a suit, sweating bullets.   Watching her marvel at the Magic Kingdom castle, the parade of people, and the rides with our favorite characters in it, was the best part of the trip.  She doesn’t remember, but I do:  I pointed at everything. “Caroline, look at that!” “Check that out!”  I didn’t want her to miss a thing!  My parents started to get a little annoyed that I was treating my sister as if she didn’t have eyes of her own, but I continued to tour guide.

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This year, after Husband came home from Afghanistan, we went again.  16 years after the first time we went together.  As we pulled up to the Magic Kingdom sign, I felt tears well up.  We were back!  Back to where magic is real, and your imagination can run a little bit, regardless of age.  We took the ferry crossed the lake, then went through the gates.  I quickly lost sight of the fact that Husband, Jacob, and Carolines boyfriend, Miles were with us too.  It didn’t matter!!  Caroline and I were home, to the place where everything is wonderful.  We took pictures with characters, and felt like they really were who they were supposed to be.  They werent John’s dressed up as Disney Prince’s.  It was more like,  “WHHHHOOOOOOOA…Its Aladdin!!!!!”

We held hands, and pointed at things, to make sure that not a single thing was wasted.  Everything was real.

To me, that is imagination.  Allowing your thoughts to go back to when you were a child, forgetting the smoke and mirrors, and just enjoying it.  It was by far one of the best vacations I’ve had, no tanning, drinking or partying necessary.  Just give us Mickey Mouse and a few princesses, and we are good.

Use your imagination, and find your “happy”.

She is my happy, because she shows me how to have an imagination.




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