50 Things: Gratitude

14 Oct

When we were younger, Christmas day was THE best day of the year for my sister and I.  We would get up at about 4 A.M. insisting that everyone else in the world should be up right along with us.  Around lunch time, our Grandparents would come over.  My gram is notorious for awkward gifts.  Growing boxers, Winnie the pooh ponchos, and bouncy balls filled with water.  When you are older, it’s easier to disguise your confusion with an, “oh my, Thank you so much, you are so sweet.”  When you are younger, the only thing you can think to do is one of two things.

"umm....I don't get it."

"WAAAAAAAAAAA YES! Wanted it. SO much. NEEEED it!!

As adults, we need to find a happy middle ground.  Even if someone does something or gives you something that you didn’t want or expect, just say Thank You.  your grandmother thought you needed another package of socks.  Your mother thought you needed your whites washed…even if she accidentally added a blue sock.  Your boyfriend got you flowers because he thought you were having a bad day.  He didn’t know you had uncontrollable allergies.  Gratitude.  Show it to everyone.

Some day you’ll really need to hear it back!




One Response to “50 Things: Gratitude”

  1. Alice October 16, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    I have no family and my friends and I agreed we don’t give gifts. Since my Mom died 3 years I miss those little thoughtful gifts that meant so much, that only someone that really knows you can give to make a diferance. I have not had a gift since she died. I am grateful for life and whenever someone is kind, for kindness is fading in our fast paced socity,. I found other things to be grateful for on a daily basis, like just being healthy, waking up with a roof over my head, and breathing wittout a machine. So much in life we take for granted.
    If you are lucky enough to receive a gift of anything from someone that loves youl, be grateful and give thanks to them. .

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