50 Things: Family

12 Oct


Super important, that’s a no brainer.

Family has come to have several different definitions.  It’s molded itself from meaning two parents, two and a half (a half?!) kids, a dog and a cat, and a white picket fence.  Its come to include a household with an eclectic mix of grandparents, cousins, and older siblings.  I have had my older brother move out of my childhood home, then move back in his late 20s for a little while.  I have lived with my grandmother, mother and younger sister.  I have had friends stay in my home for months at a time, and for that time, they are family.

Average Family Portrait

After being in the military community for over five years now, I have seen different mixes of what people call their family.  I have looked at my own home, with myself, Husband, our two-year old son, and my 20-year-old sister.  We are a family.  We are nowhere near cookie cutter, but we are a unit!!!

Try not to think of a family as what is hanging above your mantel in the family portrait.  count your coworkers that you love, your friends that you can’t live without, and your neighbors that always have what you are out of.  Why not treat every person like they belong in our family portrait?  What a happy world we would live in if everyone treated everyone else like they were worth a second glance.

My Family Portrait




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