50 Things: Sad Movies

10 Oct

Every once in a while, my sister will call me with a very strange need.  She says, “Man, I think I just really need to cry.”  So we both sit down at our computers, and scan youtube.com for the saddest videos that we can find, so that we can both get a good cry.  It sounds weird, and a little sick even, but hear me out!

Sad movies are important.  For the obvious reasons: It helps you realize how good your life might be in comparison.  It makes your compassion a little bit brighter for other people.

But sad movies are important for a reason that I never thought I would admit to.  Sometimes, you just need to blubber, sob, scream, wretch, and drench tissues and pillows in tears.  Let it all out.  Any emotion that I hold deep down, comes out through tears.  And I have to tell you, afterwards, when the storm clears, the credits roll, and the tissue box is empty, I feel pretty relieved!

Give it a shot.  Sit yourself down for a real sob story, and let the tears roll.  It feels like losing fifty pounds of unwanted sorrow in your life.




2 Responses to “50 Things: Sad Movies”

  1. Alicia DiRago (@aliciadirago) October 11, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    I completely relate to this. My go-to movie is Stepmom- I cry every. single. time.

    • Style Pennies October 11, 2011 at 2:32 am #

      NO WAY!!!! Me too, I love that movie, but there are parts…..that kill me. Right now, Husband and I are watching that new Lifetime movie, Five. Tear duct assassin, I tell you.

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