50 Things: Thunderstorms

8 Oct

When my sister and I were little, we had a love/hate relationship with thunderstorms.  We loved to watch the clouds roll in, and anticipate the show.  However, we hated how loud and terrifying the actually storm was overhead.  We would huddle together, determined and convinced that separation meant inevitable defeat.  Our mom would tell us it was just God and the angels bowling in heaven.

Thunderstorms still excite me.  The dark clouds, the flashes of light, and booms of thunder.  Yet still, when the storm is overhead, worry starts to set in.  What if our building gets struck?  What if it gets so loud, it breaks Jake’s eardrums?!  A bright flash hits, and less than a second later a giant crack.  Could have hit the parking lot, for all I knew!!  It gets me thinking about how small I am compared to everything else.  I am a small part of a huge world, and yet I get so upset about some things, you would think it was big enough to put the world in a worry bubble.  It never is though!!!  We are so so small!!

It also makes me think about how little we can control.  Our worry, horror, or concern changes nothing in Gods plan.

So next time you are deep in thought about these things during the next storm, huddle close to your loved ones, and enjoy their company.  This storm too, shall pass.



Co-Written by Caroline


One Response to “50 Things: Thunderstorms”

  1. Sue October 9, 2011 at 6:48 am #

    You make me feel so reckless… I’m the kid who once tried to go outside during a tornado because I thought it was just a really big thunderstorm. xD;

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