50 Things: Kindness

28 Sep

Kindness for most is easy.  How hard could it possibly be?  You smile, say thank you, open doors, and excuse yourself.  However, all it takes is one person to cut you off during rush hour, one person to let a door slam in your face, or one jerk to flip you off for not moving fast enough.  does that or does that not completely ruin your day!??!  Don’t let it anymore.  You are in charge of your attitude, so let the title of your day be Kindness.

Store associates wear nametags for a reason.  Call them by their name, it makes their day to feel like a person, not just another worker.

When you say “I appreciate it”, replace “it” with “you”.  People know you appreciate their acts, or what they are doing to help, but it’s so heartwarming to hear someone say, “I appreciate you”.

Write someone a thank you note, just for being who they are.

If someone tries to start a conversation with you, let them.  They are reaching out for some contact, so reach back.  That’s how friendships are made.

If you make eye contact with someone, smile AND say hello.  Dont just mouth it, say it straight out loud, “Hello, how are you!?”  Listen to their answer.

Let someone cut you in line somewhere.  On the road, in line at McDonald’s or the bank, anywhere.  Someday someone will return the favor, and most likely when you really need it!

If someone is cruel to you, let it roll off.  They havent read this yet!



P.S. Stay Tuned for a guest post, by none other than Pennies editor, Caroline.


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