50 Things: Motherhood

24 Sep

For number fifteen, I decided to ask mothers:

What is your favorite part about being a mom? These were the answers I received from some wonderful Mommies.

“when both kids crawl into my bed in the morning and fall back asleep, I just lay there and think about how wonderful the world is in that peaceful, snuggly moment.” – Joy Bennet, mother of two

“The best part about being a mom is hearing your child say, “I love you mom” melts my heart!   My kids are 28 and 32 now.” -Margo Truscott, mother of two

“My favorite part about being a mom is hearing my sons voice and watching him mature every day.” -Sarah Crabtree, mother of one

“My favorite part of being a mom is when both my children laugh at each other. Or that good morning mom smile Seth gives me. ” -Ashley Barrett, mother of two

“When he looks at me and genuinely smiles, just because he sees my face…he gives the best kisses, and the best hugs. He makes me feel better when I’m having a bad day..the best to describe it: he truly has faith like a child.” -Mandie Welch, mother of one

“When Riley sees that I’m upset and says, “mom, I love you! do you feel happy now?”” -Lindsay Johnson Gale, mother of two

One of the best things for me is watching Skylar succeed at doing something that he has been struggling with for a long time! It’s such a joyous triumph! I also love when Audrey and Skylar are playing together nicely, their giggles make the hard times worth it!” -Jennifer Glynn, mother of two

“There’s no way to pick one favorite! I love it every time she smiles, kicks her legs, sighs, holds her hands together, even looks at me! The list could go on forever. I love knowing that someday she’ll feel the same way about her kids.” -Bailey Grattelo, mother of one

“I believe that my favorite part of being a Momma has changed as my girls have entered different phases. When they were babies..it was the way that they loved and adored me…that they thought I hung the moon. It was the smiles, the baby talk, the first words..the baby smell.. As they have grown (11 and almost 14)..I would have to say that the best part is watching them live out the values that we have tried so hard to instill in them. To see them have compassion and to see them be themselves(not copies).. Honestly though, THE best part about being a Momma is being able to understand better God’s love. See, as a Momma..I would totally give my life for my children..I would rather suffer than see them suffer.. Just as Jesus willingly suffered and died for my sins, so that I could be allowed in the presence of God..so that you and I wouldn’t have to suffer. So..Love..true, complete, enveloping, consuming, unselfish love. That’s THE best part.” -Heather Dawkins, mother of two

“Watching my babies sleep in their cribs, and seeing their smiles when they wake up in the morning!” -My mom, mother of three




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