50 Things: A Good Book

22 Sep

My definition of a good book: When a book is over, and you feel like all the friends that you have made in the amount of time that it took you to read through the pages, you want to cry.  It feels like all of your new friends are moving away, or dying.

That’s not very positive is it?!  A good book is full of new stories and outlooks that are not your own.  You are pushed to see through someone elses eyes, and before you know it, you are understanding who they are. What a great way to understand people as a whole, and not just your own understanding!!!

My favorite books so far have done a few things for me:

  1. They inspire me.  After reading Where Angels Walk by Joan Wester Anderson, all I wanted to do was look for Angels.  I wanted to believe that any one person could be an angel, and that we are constantly being challenged by different conditions that will strengthen our character.
  2. They make me think.  Once I had finished A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, by Betty Smith, I was so grateful for everything that I had.  In her book, her characters save every penny, and value every opportunity.  How often have I dropped a quarter or a dime, and thought “eh, it’s just coins!”  To someone else, every penny matters, so who am I to take advantage of anything?!
  3. I change.  I used to read the last page of a book before I read it.  It helped me determine if I would like the storyline, or if I would be happy with the ending.  When my Mom recommended that I read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford she insisted that I read cover to cover, no cheating.  The last few pages were the best part of the book, and the answer to all the questions raised in the first 200 pages.  I am glad I listened, and furthermore, I don’t read the last page anymore.

A good book can change you, mold you, and make you think about how you are living your life, and how to live it more richly.  Crack the spine on a new book, and swim in the new outlook that you will inevitably have at the books end.




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