50 Things: Flowers

21 Sep

Well I rarely get flowers.  Everyone knows I am allergic, and I would rather just have a card or a candy bar.  On the same note, I rarely give flowers, because I am not very good at it.  I was going to get flowers for my dear friend, and when I saw that the local store was out, I got her a cactus instead. It’s the thought that counts, yes?!

So here is why I think flowers really matter: Flowers are different shapes, and different colors.  They push their way out of small seeds, then through layers of dirt.  Once they pop out through the soil they are greeted by bright light, cold winds and various animals with the munches.  Through all of these conditions, and with help of photosynthesis, they open up to show a natural masterpiece.  Aren’t we like that sometimes?  Coming out shining through a hard time, and showing the world what we are capable of?

So if you were a flower, what would you look like?  What stage would you be at?  Would you be the seed, just waiting to learn, and grow? The little sprout, comfy in the soil, not aware of what its like to grow up? Are you just poking out of the soil, thinking “holy moly, this is NOT what I signed up for!!!” Or are you in the calm after the storm, where you can open your arms for some sunlight, showing the world your masterpiece?  I think from birth, we go through this cycle over and over again, just hoping we still have the courage to bloom.

Bloom on, we are Gods beautiful masterpiece!  A garden of flowers, going through life, and soaking up the sunlight.




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