50 Things: Saying “I’m Sorry”

20 Sep

One thing I know for sure about myself:  I hate saying that I am sorry, and I hate being wrong.  I don’t think anyone enjoys being wrong, but I HATE it!!!  In fact, I will fight to the death to prove that I am right.  Husband knows I love to debate.

Over the 5 years of my marriage, I have gotten only slightly better about admitting my wrongs.  Its pretty simple:

1. Only say sorry if you really mean it.  A half-hearted apology is like a slap in the face.  Its alright if you don’t mean it right off, just wait until you mean it, and that’s when you should say it.  You will find that a true apology will get a better response than a “oops..sorry.”

2. Admit how you feel.  I am completely honest with husband, and he usually finds it comical. “Babe, I know I am wrong, I am not ready to say sorry yet, just give me five minutes to act like a child, alright?”  Because let’s be honest, that’s what we need sometimes.  It’s ok to sulk for a minute, wallow in your defeat, and then come through it, and learn.

3.  When you say “I’m Sorry”, follow it up with why you are sorry.  When husband apologies for something, I insist he tell me why.  If he doesn’t know why he is sorry, he is usually just saying it because he knows I am super upset, not because he knows what he did to upset me.

4. Look Mr.Right-About-Everything (Just kidding!) in the eyes.  It means so much more when you look someone in the eyes and acknowledge that they have feelings.

5. And lastly, It is NEVER too late to say I’m Sorry.  If it is on your heart to remember that you didn’t say it, it is on the other persons heart too.




One Response to “50 Things: Saying “I’m Sorry””

  1. jennifer September 20, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    Amen! This was so true!

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