50 Things: Saying “I Love You”

19 Sep

So, this one seemed a little dumb to me at first.  Of course I say I love you!!!!  All the time in fact!  I tell my son, Husband, my dogs, my sister, I even tell my shampoo in the morning, “Tea Tree shampoo, you rock my senses, I love you!”  Then I thought about it a little more….

What I say to my husband sounds a lot like “uh-luh-ew” more than I love you.  We say it to each other so often that it doesn’t even sound like it anymore.  Regardless of how often people say it to each other and seldom mean it, when we do say it, it should at least sound like the words.

So I told Husband last night in bed, “I love you babe.” he says, “olive-you too, hun.” So I dug in a little and said “no, I mean I really love you.  I .Love. You.”  Saying out the words and taking space in between let the meaning sink in and we gave each other a sweet hug.  Its like I had said it for the first time in months.  What a difference it made!!!

Saying I love you and meaning it is huge, but saying I love you to someone and letting them know you truly 100% mean it is different.  You are taking the time to say each word, rather than letting the letters tumble out of your mouth.  It should sound like “I love you”, and not “want me to wash your socks for you?”  Say it in a different tone, shout it, it doesn’t matter. Just say it differently today, and see the reaction you get.

So Dear Reader, I adore this blog more than anything, and I appreciate you following my words, and taking them to heart.  I Love You.



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