50 Things: Candlelight

18 Sep

Number eleven in the series is Candlelight.  My first thought was “candlelight dinner” and romance.  Of course spending some sweet time with your love is important, but I don’t think that is the reason that it is SO important.

Before the 1800s and before electricity and all that, people used candles.  A lot of people dipped their own candles!  No electricity= no computer, no TV, no refrigerator.  Can you imagine?!  Having to be FORCED to spend time with your family, and not having a single distraction to lean on for support (sarcasm). Problems were talked out, and chores were divided equally.  People worked together.  I feel like electricity is grand and all, but how glorious it would be to turn off the breakers for a day and just BE together.  When the sun goes down, light some candles around the house, and enjoy the dim light, and silence.

God gave us a family.  Spend some time with them!  Light your candles, and enjoy each other.  Ask them what they want to talk about, and talk about it for however long they need.  Enjoy the flicker and crackle of your candles, and listen to the joy.




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