50 Things: Seashells

17 Sep

As I go through this self made series, of 50 Things That Really Matter from Hallmark Giftbooks, I come acrossed things like this: Seashells.  How is this one of the things in life that “really matters”?  So I think on it, and try to see what God might want me to learn from this.

So seashell… Little unique houses.  Some gorgeous on the outside, while others are worn and haggered from tumbling through waves.  I used to pick them up off the beach and say “ooo, pwetty!” and throw them back.

Seashells of Maine

The Shells in Maine were mostly the same, gray or white in color, and a variety of shapes and sizes.  Always a half of a whole.

Seashells of Okinawa

When I moved to Okinawa Japan when I was twenty years old, I went to the beach looking for seashells again.  Here, they were a vast array of variations in color, size, shape, and occupants.

So, I sat here in my computer chair, trying to think of what God was trying to tell me about seashells.  Was it that on any coast, shells are different in how they appear, just like people are different?  Is it that they have a rough and beautiful exterior, and vulnerable interior, just like people?  Or is it that just like people, God made seashells to be beautiful, unique, wonderful and tolerant of adverse condtions?  I think its all that jazz.




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