50 Things: Memories

10 Sep

I am the memory keeper herself

My days are filled with “Hey Babe, remember that time….” and “did I ever tell you about the time…”

It bothers Husband sometimes that I have a tendency to recall small tidbits of my childhood in perfect detail.  I guess I have always known that MEMORIES are one of the things that really matter.

I AM NOT A PACK RAT.  However I keep things that really mean something to me.

I keep scrapbooks and photo albums of special occasions

I have an entire trunk dedicated to pictures, letters and cards, some that I've even saved since I was 16.

I have the Willow Tree Angel collection that was my Moms from our old house (some have been collected since then)

And a small box that holds my sons first few outfits and baby blankets

I think it’s so special and important to keep things the evoke a happy feeling.  Joy. Peace. Happiness.  Memories.

What do you do to preserve memories?




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