50 Things: Honest Work

10 Sep

In my freshman year of high school, I took Algebra I.  I was blessed with having a teacher who was starting his first year of teaching.  If anyone doesn’t get the significance, I will tell you.  He was a softy.  I sat in the back, didn’t raise my hand, and he never questioned me.  I stayed after school for a few minutes to show that I was making an effort.  Guess what, I wasn’t!!  I was putting on a very well choreographed front, that led my teacher to believe I was learning things, so I passed that class at the end of the year.

My second year of high school math was a breeze, taking basic geometry, which just required basic math, and problem solving.  Easy.  Junior year I took business math, where I sucked up to the teacher, by always making copies for her.  For my extra efforts, I got an extra credit for a “guided study hall”.  Since my school only required three math credits to graduate, that’s where my math ended.  Senior year, numbers slowly started to leak out of my ears, until the very small amount of math that I had taken was completely gone.

When I went to apply for classes for college, I had to take a math exam to see what I knew… Which was nothing.  SO, moral of the story: Honest work pays off, which is NOT what I did for my entire high school career.  I BS’ed my way through four years, and in retrospect, it bit me in the butt.  HARD.

People notice when you work hard, and mean it.  More than that, people notice when you DONT.




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