50 Things: Warm Spring Days

9 Sep

Warm Spring Days

Growing up in Maine, these were hard to come by.  In fact, it doesn’t really start getting warm until school is about to let out.  Its Gods way of letting us know Summer is coming, so finish your school work, or you will be going to summer school.

So in Maine, spring is when a few things would happen.

1. The snow would melt

2. The mud would wake up from a wintry slumber, and reek havoc on everything.

3. The grass would start to turn green

4. Everything started to have a scent again.

On these days, I would be grateful for everything.  What once was cold, and covered in icicles, was now warm and learning to live again.  The trees would start to wake up from the fetal position, and relax their branches.  You could smell the glass again, and people were starting to plant flowers.  This was the time of year, that I felt my hometown starting to smile.  Spring was a blessing.

I think we should all try to have this mentality while we go into the beginning of winter.  It may be getting cold, but smile like it’s the first day of spring.

Strap on your big girl boots, and let’s have a happy winter!




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