Protect your skin!

19 Aug

Did you know that one good sunburn during childhood nearly DOUBLES your chances of getting skin cancer as an adult.  That is TERRIFYING!!  I can’t even count how many times I walked around the house in a permanent star fish shape after a day in the sun.  Skin cancer kills more people than all other types of cancer combined, and yet somehow there isn’t much information about it.  I go out to the neighborhood pool with me sun, and see women laying out.  It reminds me of hamburgers. Sizzle…sizzle…burn, FLIP!

So what IS a tan?  A tan is your skins way of protecting your body from UV rays.  The melanin in your skin cells is what gives your skin its pigment.  When effected by UV rays, your skin releases more melanin into each cell, causing it to get darker.  Over time, your skin loses its elasticity due to the damage to the deeper layers of skin.  Enzymes released into the skin to protect your body tend to mutate, causing your skin cells to feel leathery, or wrinkly.  This has been observed at the Mayo Clinic in women as young as 15!!!!

So, skip the tanning!  Sometimes the sunlight can’t be avoided, and it shouldnt be avoided all together.  Lets face it, sunlight is quite joyful.  But listen to what Mama told you when you were little, “don’t forget your sunscreen!!!!

Summer may be winding down, but just because you aren’t at the beach, doesn’t mean you shouldnt protect yourself.

-Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes against UV rays.  It says “uv A nd B protected” on that little sticker you yank off before wearing your glasses!

-Use a deep conditioner once a week to hep your hair get its moisture back . That’s right, the sun is sucking the goodness out of your way on your way into the office.

-Always put on lip balm or chapstick when you are going to go outside.  If its bright enough to need sunglasses, its bright enough to need to protect your pucker.

Just protect yourself, Okay?



One Response to “Protect your skin!”

  1. jennifer August 22, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    That was awesome! Great job on spreading the word and great video!!!

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