Easy Makeover

19 Aug

I don’t know how often I walk into my living room and make a noise that sounds like “bleck!” or “ugh!”, and only because I am bored with it.  Rather than rearrange the whole room, I go to my easy fix: Pillows!

How easy it is!!!  I love the pillows at walmart, believe it or not.  They have a lot of options for colors and textures that I love.  Find a color that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with your color scheme, you will be surprised how cool it looks.  Get a purple square pillow, and put it on your red sofa.  Grad a fuzzy pillow, and throw it on your arm chair.  I have a variety of pillows throughout my house, that I switch up every once in a while.  It makes things a little different, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

My room! Not ONE pillow is the same!




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