DIY Hair Comb

18 Aug

I fell in love with the idea of wearing a hair comb a few days ago when I saw Emily Elizabeths version online.  It looks so pretty to have a little sparkle in your hair.  The only thing I didnt like about her hair comb was the price tag.

$50.00?!??! No thanks.


So I made my own.  I went to Hobby Lobby (surprise, surprise) and bought my own, plain, hair combs (1.99 for 4) a tube of E-6000 adhesive glue (5.00 for 2 0z.) and a strand of leafy charms (3.99 for 12)

I glue three of the four mini combs together to make one big comb about 2.5 inches long. While that was drying, I used wire cutters to snip the ends off of the leaf charms.


Once I had the leaves in place on the comb, I used clothes pins to hold them in place with the adhesive dried.


I had a few extra leaves, so I made a mini comb as well!  So this whole project cost me less than $15.00, and I got two combs out of it!!!

Happy creating!!!!







One Response to “DIY Hair Comb”

  1. jennifer August 22, 2011 at 5:56 am #

    Super cute idea! Looks great 🙂

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