12 Aug
The first definition in Websters Dictionary for Angels is this:
a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence.
I however, believe that this may be more appropriate:
an attendant, spirit, or guardian.
There is a lot of speculation about angels and where they are are.  Some say there is an angel assigned to each person to watch over them and take care of them on a daily basis.  Others say they are beings that were created in heaven to stay in heaven.  I say this: Angels are where God tells them to be.
There is also a bit of thought that goes into what they look like. Some say they are gorgeous creatures, with wings and white robes.  Others believe they look just like us, and walk among the earth like mortals.  I say this: They can be either.  They are the messengers of GOD.  Why wouldn’t they be able to be both?


I read a truly inspiring book, called Where Angels Walk by Joan Wester Anderson.  It is a compilation of stories, where people have felt heavenly visitors, and influence from angelic creatures.  It really moved me to believe in everything.  No matter where we are, or what we are going through, there is someone there with us, helping us through, and whispering the answer in our ears.  Sometimes we hear it, sometimes we don’t.  I think the key is to listen.  My Mom always told me when I was little, “when you were a baby, you smiled so much, I just knew God told you a wonderful secret, and angels were whispering in your ear.”
Lets listen quietly, because they have been wanting to tell us things for quite some time!

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