Set a Budget

11 Aug

I'm out of your price don't need me!!!!

When I go shopping, I set a personal budget.  I don’t mean set one in my head, but I can easily override my better judgement with “shhhhush!!! I know what I’m doing!!!”  So I write it out, and stick to it.  It looks a little like this:

(yes, I write myself notes, and imagine myself…yelling at myself…in a very angry tone.)

KATELYN, you are NOT allowed to spend any more than….

$___ on ANY dress

$___ on any pair of jeans

$___ on costume jewelry

$___ on cosmetics

$___ on shoes

(I just picked these things because they are my problem areas. Bags I borrow from my sister, tops I find at Tj Maxx.  Other than that, a budget is desperately needed!!!!)

You ARE however, allowed to splurge on one thing

A good healthy hair cut.  There is no price limit on a hair cut that is good for your hair, and by someone who knows what is best for your face shape.  Pick ONE thing that you want to allow yourself to splurge on.

Write out your budget, keep it in your pocket, or tape it to your forehead, because you HAVE to stick to it like next weeks grocery list depends on it.

My reminder...and yes, I am wearing Husband's shirt.




One Response to “Set a Budget”

  1. cmgulotta August 11, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    YES!!! Good for you, I make myself do that shopping and even grocery store 🙂

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