Online Bargain Shopping

11 Aug

My family and I lived in Okinawa, Japan for three years.  We had to become accustomed to not having the luxury of Wal-Mart, Target, and shopping malls.  We had to become online shoppers.  This became a task in itself: can you imagine not being able to try on jeans, or a bra before you buy it?!?!?  Its different, that’s for sure.  So here are my top picks for online shopping for the practical women.

Shoes:– Payless almost ALWAYS has a buy one get one sale going on.  As often as I love getting new shoes, I need the price tag to be a happy price tag.– NOTE: I signed up for this site to get ideas.  You make a profile, and based on your likes and dislikes, they give you a list of shoes to choose from in your “Showroom”. Each pair of shoes is $39.95, therefore I take the suggestion (thank you very much, c ya lata’) and try to find something similar for less.

Cosmetics–  (Eyes Lips Face) Each item is only $1.00!!!!  This is a great way to try a  lip color you aren’t positive about, or try a new product without being really mad if it doesn’t work out.  In the past year they have started selling their line through Target.– I love the range of brands from Dior (expensive!!!) to the actual Sephora Brand.  There is always some sort of deal or product perk to buying online, plus you get three free samples with each online order.  Free things never hurt!!!

Jewelry-– I feel like I talk about alot, but who wouldn’t?!  Sometimes I am looking for something VERY specific, and I can usually find it on there.  When I was on a stacking ring kick (not practical anymore.  I change at least 4 diapers a day), I would type in “stacking ring” and get over 10,000 results.  And they are all handmade.– I love a lot of the play and costume jewelry at Forever 21! Nothing is priced over $20.00, and that is always a fantastical thing to me!  I try not to play into current trends like neon, feathers, high-waisted jeans, etc. If you cant help but play into a current trend, do it with your accessories, not your outfit.  Forever 21 has a lot of great trendy things, that way when the trend is over, you wont mind that it’s over.

What are your favorite online stores?



**Special shout out to my friend Jennifer, who is still in Okinawa.  Shes been there for nearly 8 YEARS!!!  A true online shopper, if I have ever known one! Plus, she kills in everything she wears!


One Response to “Online Bargain Shopping”

  1. jennifer August 12, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    LOL aww thanks for my shout out! Although I never feel stylish, hahaha! I will have to look at some of these places, I have never been to some of them! Thanks for sharing Katie!

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