5 Favorite Cosmetics

9 Aug

This is going completely against the Style Pennies grain!!  I always talk about how to save money, and buy clothing and products that meet a tight budget.  Here is my weakness!!!  Cosmetics.  I REFUSE to use powder, concealer, foundation, or bronzer. So, I feel like its ok that what I DO put on my face is more on the expensive side.  I know it sounds like I am justifying, so I will also include this thought: I wear these things EVERY.SINLGE.DAY.  Therefore, the price per wear (REFER) is about 30 cents per day.  Not so bad anymore!  These are my favorite cosmetic products

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black– I love this liner.  I just started using liquid liner, and everyone knows how tedious it can be.  I like how bold it is, how quickly it dries, but more than that, I love how easy it is to take off.  I mess up a lot, so I often need to take a q-tip to the mistake and start over.  With one quick swipe, my eye is ready for try number two. ($4.97, walmart)

TurboLash by Estee Lauder– My mom tried to get me to try this for months.  I would joke with her by saying “vibrating mascara…all jokes aside, can’t I just tape my mascara to my electric toothbrush?!”  She would roll her eyes, and insist I was missing out.  When she bought it for me for my birthday, I saw that she was right!  It gets EVERY SINGLE LASH.  Ive been through 20+ different mascaras: I dont care that Turbolash is the same price as a tank of gas, I will never turn back! ($32.00, esteelauder.com)

Black Honey by Clinique– Dont be intimidated by the dark color.  This lipstick/stain/gloss is sheer.  I have had several women try it, and it looks good on all of them . different lip and skin colors make this stick look different and unique, and its so so pretty on everyone.  I also use it as a cheek stain sometimes. ($14.50, Sephora.com)

PosieTint, BeneTint, Highbeam– My sister just turned me onto posie tint, while the other two I have been using for a while.  PosieTint, is a pinky lip and cheek stain that is flirty, girly and fresh looking. BeneTint is more of a red rosy color, that you can use the same way, and High Beam is a highlighter that I use under my brow bone, and on my cheek bone.  All of Befefit’s products are light and clean feeling, and don’t feel cakey. ($15.00 for three pack, Sephora.com)




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