4 Aug


You are out shopping with family or friends, and suddenly from the heavens (or the rack to the left of the front door), shouts this gorgeous top that you instantly fall in love with.  You scoop it up like its your new best friend.  Its perfect! You will look stunning in it! What colors, what materials!!! Wait…is THAT the price!?!?!?

We have all had this happen to us.  Its time to change-up our train of thought and stop justifying why we want things.

AXE these:

“Its cheap compared to….”

Ok, yes, its cheap compared to a similar shirt you saw at a boutique, but you aren’t at the boutique right now, you are HERE.  Those $900 shoes may be cheaper than a Mercedes, but that doesn’t make it a good deal. Plus, when you see something similar at Tj Maxx, that’s less than half the price, you will be so angry at yourself for making the family eat Ramen Noodles for a month to buy you those stupid shoes.

Oh you like my shoes? They were only $1995.00!!!

“It’s on sale! It used to be….”

Why is it on sale?  because it’s the only one left, or because it was a complete miss on the style battlefield? Would you want it if it was the full price?

“I saved $50.00 last week when I didn’t fill up the gas tank! I deserve a cashmere scarf!”

One thing shouldnt cancel out another.  Fill your tank, and save up for the splurge.  do the math in your head: How long will it take you to same up? Is that scarf worth waiting two weeks? A month?  If the thought of saving up for something bums you out, then the something isn’t worth it.

Replace those sentences with these!

“How many times will I wear it?”

Think about the price per wear (http://stylepennies.com/2011/08/02/cost-per-wear/)

“How long will it last?”

Consider the fabric, and washing instructions.  Do you follow washing instructions carefully?  Also consider what you already know about the fit and wear of other pieces from the same brand.

Is it going to stretch?

Is it going to shrink?

“Is it really worth ___ hours of my time?”

Find out how much you actually make per hour (consider taxes taken out.  You might get $7.00 per hour, but once taxes come out, its less than that).

“Can I find the same thing some place else for cheaper?”

Oh you like my shoes? They were only $67.50!

When You find something you are in love with, then wait to buy it.  Do some research online or at stores that you know carry a bargain. Chances are, you will find it cheaper.  If you don’t want to take the time to search around, or you forget what you are searching for, you didn’t need it that bad anyways!

Hope it Helps!




One Response to “Justification”

  1. jennifer August 4, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    I could NEVER forget that night! So much awesomeness!!! LMBO! Goes great with your post as well 🙂

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