5 Favorite Etsy Shops

3 Aug

My Salty Peach Bag!

I LOVE shopping on Etsy.com.  Therre are thousands of shops, and millions of items. If you aren’t familiar with it already, it is a site used by people all over the world, where they can sell things that are handmade.  I love looking at people’s unique ideas and creations.  Of the thousands of shops, these are my top 5 favorite that I visit often to see what’s new!

Salty Peach Designs– This Shop specializes in handmade bags, totes and clutches.  Her stylish choice of fabric makes for a wonderfully unique handbag.  I bought one for myself last Christmas, and the quality is incredible.  I still use my Salty Peach bag everyday, and that’s how often I get complimented on it. Everyday.  Its worth every penny!!!

Red Floral Luckey Bag


Designs by Jewelrylady0525– These pendants are such a cool idea.  If you are far from home, this is a cute way to feel closer.  I bought one for myself that has my hometown on it, and one for my sister that has Orlando, Fl. on it.  It helps us keep in mind what our goals are 🙂

Hometown Tile Pendant


Langton Studio– This shop is all about organization.  This is the shop where Husband bought my earring holder.  His craftsmanship is incredible for what his prices are!!

Earring Holder



Wall Decals by Wall Stickas– These wall decals are unique, and fairly priced.  A quick and easy way to add character and color to any room.

Wall Decals

Brag About it– This shops jewelry is well made, and personal.  I wear a ring that says my son’s name and birthday on it, and I never take it off.  If nothing else, your jewelry should ALWAYS say something about you, and it should be personal.  This shop has so many great pieces that she customizes to your needs.

This isn't "my" ring, but it is the same design 🙂

What is your favorite Etsy.com shop?



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